The benefits of automating your customer experience

Getting on board with automation sets the foundations for a scalable business. We’ve highlighted some key ways that automation can help your business processes.

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The benefits of automating your customer experience
The benefits of automating your customer experience

Smart use of automation doesn't just help you scale up your business more quickly. Business process automation (BPA) helps you streamline your operations and save money by eliminating many of the repetitive manual tasks involved in your customer support and customer-facing processes.

Embracing the benefits of automation

Digital transformation has been a powerful trend in the business world over the past few years. And the next logical step for a business that’s moved into the digital realm is to embrace the advantages of software automation.

This means identifying and logging the complex, repetitive processes in your business, and then using software tools to automate these key operational steps.

For example, you can:

  • Automate your tier 1 customer support – keeping pace with customer queries and enquiries can eat into the time available to your agents. By automating your tier 1 customer support, you provide a fast and scalable way to take calls and respond to live chat enquiries. Digital workers, armed with Conversational AI technology, can respond to customers, offer resolutions and pass complex cases to your human team.
  • Automate form-filling and information capture – Business Process Automation can be used to automate the process of capturing information from your customers. Instead of relying on a human team, your organisation can automate the whole process of data capture. This speeds up the process and reduces errors, giving you faster, higher-quality data.
  • Automate your onboarding activity – onboarding new customers to your processes takes time. But with AI automation involved, you can quickly run customers through your onboarding process, so they’re familiar with how your operations function and what’s required of them. The same applies to onboarding of new employees, or suppliers that need to follow a set process when trading with your business.
  • Automate your customer outreach activity – staying in touch with your customers is a big part of nurturing those relationships. A digital assistant armed with voice AI can call your customers to run surveys or ask for feedback on your services. You can also contact customers to offer exclusive discounts, beta testing or special offers.
  • Automate your re-engagement of lapsed customers – if customers don’t check out their eCommerce trolley, or don’t renew their subscription, this can have a profound impact on your bottom line. Using automation, you can contact lapsed customers at scale and invite them to re-engage with your brand. This could involve automated emails, instant messages or outgoing voice calls, all with the aim of bringing these potential customers back on board and interacting with your products and/or services.

Getting on board with automation

Automation and artificial intelligence are evolving quickly. If you can build the benefits of automation into your operational and customer-facing processes now, you’re setting the foundations for an efficient, productive and highly scalable business model.

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