Don’t burn out this winter!

Illness and labour shortages and rising costs – business owners are under more pressure than ever before. If you’re feeling stressed, here are three tips to prevent burnout.

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Don’t burn out this winter!
Dont burn out this winter

It’s tough going for business owners this winter. With the labour market tight, businesses are understaffed, costs have gone up and illness is creating disruption. Add high rates of absenteeism, and remaining workers and business owners are under incredible pressure. When you love your job and always want to do the best for your clients, it’s easy to start overworking yourself and run the risk of burnout.

It’s vital that you take care of yourself this winter, so here are three ways to help prevent burnout:

  1. Start saying ‘No’- Small business owners are experts in saying ‘Yes!’ and then figuring out the details later. It’s how you grow a small business and build your reputation for being able to solve problems for your clients. Unfortunately, if you’re overworked and stressed out, it’s time to start saying ‘No’. Begin by turning down work from difficult clients, or work that’s outside your core business, so you’re focused on where you add the most value.
  2. Identify at least one area you can outsource - You can’t do everything yourself, particularly if you’re understaffed. Look at your processes and try to identify an area that’s not part of your core business which you can outsource. It might be social media posts, or office cleaning, or even just subscribing to a meal kit service to take the stress out of cooking. Usually, the cost of these initiatives will quickly pay for themselves: once you feel less stressed, you’ll be more productive.
  3. Hold onto your interests outside work - Running a business can be all-consuming, but hang onto your friends, sports and hobbies even when it gets busy. Letting your relationships, health, and pastimes dwindle away will undermine your emotional, physical, and mental health.

Not sure if outsourcing tasks will pay for itself? We can work with you to analyse the costs and benefits of any business investment.

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