5 top lead magnets for your marketing

Want to know the most important ways to generate leads with your marketing? We’ve listed 5 of the top lead magnets for boosting your conversions and sales figures.

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5 top lead magnets for your marketing
5 top lead magnets for your marketing

Bringing leads into your business is what drives sales. So, how do you create the most effective lead magnets to draw potential customers into your sales funnel?

Yes, we know, there’s a lot of jargon in sales and marketing. But, ultimately, every business wants to attract customers, get their details and try to convert them into a sale. It’s this continual process of pulling leads into your funnel that gives you stable sales and solid revenues.

To help you, we’ve highlighted five of the top lead magnets to boost your sales.

Key lead magnets to entice potential customers

In the digital age, a mix of content marketing, social media marketing and old-fashioned relationship building are core tools in your promotional armoury.

A recent study by the Content Marketing Institute found that 73% of B2B marketers and 70% of B2C marketers use content marketing regularly as part of their overall marketing strategy – so it’s a great idea to use content as a serious lead magnet tool in your marketing.

Important lead magnets can include:

  1. Ebooks, whitepapers and helpful guides – when you understand your target audience’s pain points, you can offer them more helpful content. These could be in-depth guides or reports that provide valuable insights into their industry. By promoting these gated assets through your website and your social presence, you provide valuable content for your prospects and you capture their contact information in exchange.
  2. Exclusive content and memberships – you can become an expert in your chosen industry niche, and share that knowledge with your prospects. By signing up, potential customers can access premium content, such as industry trends, case studies or exclusive communities. This can be a very enticing proposition for prospects, making them willing to exchange their details for these valuable resources and member benefits.
  3. Webinars and online workshops – hosting live or recorded educational sessions helps you address your customers’ specific challenges and demonstrate your own expertise. In exchange for these insights, you can encourage potential attendees to sign up, share their details and engage with you and your team in more depth. It’s a great way to start building relationships and creating possible leads with the right people.
  4. Educational quizzes and assessments – one way to engage with potential leads is to offer them a way to grade their skills, or increase their knowledge. By creating interactive assessments or quizzes that evaluate your audience's needs or skills, you can personalise the results and give valuable recommendations. By signing up, prospects give their approval to capture their contact information and get the bonus of a tailored analysis of their situation, skills or customer needs.
  5. Free trials and demos – everyone loves a freebie! When you allow potential customers to experience your product or service firsthand, that makes converting them into paying customers that much easier. By ‘trying before you buy’, customers get to see the value and functionality of your offering, leading to increased conversion rates.

Talk to a sales and marketing expert to boost your sales

Talking to a sales and marketing consultant or agency is the best way to improve your lead generation and sales conversion. Creating new leads takes time, a good strategy and the right marketing content for the job. But, with patience, you will see more leads getting converted.

Contact your local marketing agency, talk to us about speaking to a marketer from our business network or discuss your marketing budget.

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